Individual Education Plan

Computer Lab
We hope all members of the CTC and residents of the Commonwealth Glenville Housing Properties will take the time to complete this form. We would like your feedback.
A.  Name 
B.  Street Address 
C.  Apartment Number 
D.  What do you think we should name the computer lab 
E.  Please describe your particular computer interests 
F.  Check all that you are interested in learning/using. 
How to operate  Computer Basics
How to fix computer hardware  Computer Repair
Playing games on the computer  Computer Games
Doing business on the internet  E-Commerce
English as a second language  ESL/ESOL
General Education Diploma  GED
How to write your own  Resume/Cover Letters
How to find a job using the internet  Online Employment Resources
What is and how to use the internet  Internet
How to type  Keyboarding
Typing faster  Improve Typing Speed
Use the computer lab to do your homework  High School Homework
Use the computer lab to do your homework  Middle School Homework
Use the computer lab to do your homework.  College Homework
Wordprocessing (Typing) program  Microsoft (MS) Word
Presentation program  MS Powerpoint
Relational database program  MS Access
Spreadsheet program  MS Excel
Information management  Lotus Notes
Photo and graphic manipulation program  Adobe Photoshop
Desktop publishing software  Adobe Pagemaker
Graphic design software  Adobe Illustrator
Desktop punlishing software  Quark
How to make a website   Website Design (HTML)
Designing a computer index  Database Design
Media education  Media Literacy
Animated graphics software  Flash
Web design software  Dreamweaver
Electronic mail  Email
Using a scanner  Scanning Documents/Pictures
Using the computer lab to print  Printing
Using a computer to edit moving pictures  Digital Video Editing
Using a didital camera to take still pictures  Digital Still Camera
Using a didital camera to take moving pictures  Digital Video Camera
How computers talk to each other  Network Administration
Computer indexing  Database Administration
Build and deploy websites  Cold Fusion
Soundforge, cakewalk  Audio Applications
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