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March 19, 2001

Class Instruction takes place today from 1:30 to 4PM. This past weekends "COOL" Conference on Homelessness at Harvard University attracted many students. There is a Shawmut Education Board Meeting today at 5:15 in Government Center.

Michael Stoopes, National Coalition for the Homeless

David Pearson, Shawmut Education Executive Director

From: Tonyea Tharpe PBS LiteracyLink Adult Learning Service Please forward to practitioners and professional developers in your state or organization . . . Thanks! PBS Adult Learning Service and PBS LiteracyLink invite you to participate in our annual Distance Learning Week web site! The United States Distance Learning Association has declared April 15-21, 2001, as Distance Learning Week. This year we would like to highlight distance learner success stories and feature interviews with distance learning educators: Is Distance Education as effective as traditional? How is the Internet being used as a Distance Education? What is the impact of classroom technology used on student? We know that you have a busy schedule and we would like to assure you that being a guest on our site requires very little time and effort. Here is what we require from our guest: a photo a short biography a one page or more article or exert that answers one of the above questions After we receive your materials we will review and post them on our Distance Learning Web site for the week of April 15-21, 2001. Each day of the week we will highlight a different guest with an answer to a new question. We realize that you have an extremely busy schedule and we would be happy for you to work collaboratively with someone on this project. We would need your articles, photo and bio by April 1. You may email your information if you have it in an electronic format or mail it to PBS Adult Learning Services, 1320 Braddock Place, Alexandria, VA 22314. Attention: Tonyea Tharpe. We understand that this is a tight deadline and if you need to send in your materials Federal Express, we would be more than happy to offer our Federal Express account number. You may take a look at our past Distance Learning Week web site at We appreciate your time and attention as you consider this opportunity. We will contact you next week to speak to you about this. If you have any questions please contact, Tonyea Tharpe, 703-739-5131 or e-mail at

Todays Class!!

Homeless Peoples Network

Shawmut Events Schedule

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