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This site is running at Shawmut Education. It is designed and developed by the students of Shawmut Education in conjunction with our MASS (Mutually Assured Stakeholder Skill development) Program. If you are a service provider in a state other than Massachusetts please complete our form .

Project Place operates "Clean Corners, Bright Hopes, Project 90," a three-month transitional employment program for transitional housing residents who are serious about working and have at least 90 days of sobriety. Transitional employees clean, maintain and beautify streets in the Downtown Crossing and other areas. Program graduates receive assistance and/or referrals in their search for follow-up employment. (Case Managers from transitional programs should make referrals to Steve Johnson at 617-252-3740). Project Place also operates a longer term transitional employment program stocking and maintaining vending machines in the metropolitan area.

The Homeless Resource Center offers housing, search assistance, case management services, lockers, mailboxes, voice mail follow-up care comupter lab and supportive services,(including a dialy lunch program and an extensive referral network).

Application are accepted on an ongoinng basis. To appy,or to refer someone to the progrem call {617} 482-1126.Job Development offers employment counseling. job referrals,job placement, preemloyment workshops and individualized career planning.

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