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People Homeless in Cambridge

(substantially updated June 12, 2001)



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Shelter and Services for Homeless and Runaway Youth page 2


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Transitional Housing page 3


Street Outreach and Non-Residence-Based Case Management page 3


Meal Programs and Food Pantries page 4


Services for Veterans page 5


Housing Search and Help with Up-Front Transitional Costs page 6


Moving Help and Assistance with Furnishing a Household page 6


Representative Payee and Money Management Assistance page 6


Emergency Financial Assistance (for Non-Housing-Related Costs) page 6


Education and Employment page 7


Health Care page 9


Services for People With HIV/AIDS page 9


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      help for ex-offenders

      obtaining a Discount T Pass for Persons with Disabilities

      self-advocacy training

      free income tax assistance



How to Access Services: In most cases, unless otherwise noted, services listed herein do not require referrals from a case manager or other provider, and can be accessed by homeless persons directly. If a referral is required, consumers staying in a shelter or transitional program should first request a referral from staff of that program; if no staff referral is available, contact one of the non-residence-based case management programs described on page 3 for help.


Services for Non-English Speaking Persons:

Interpreter services for most common languages are available through Concilio Hispano (617-661-9406) at no charge.

Interpreter services for patients at Cambridge Hospital and its Health Centers is available by calling 617-665-1426

(617-665-1280 for French/Haitian Kreyol, 617-665-1550 for Portuguese, 617-665-1783 for Spanish)

Specialized services for persons from other linguistic communities are offered by the following agencies:

> Portuguese: Mass. Association of Portuguese Speakers (MAPS) (617-628-6065)

> Spanish: Centro Presente (497-9080) & Concilio Hispano (617-661-9406)

> Haitian Kreyol: Cambridge Haitian Services (617-349-6351, 617-349-6338)



Please forward changes / corrections to Fred Berman ph:617-349-6209, fax: 617-349-6357, e-mail:

Shelter for Homeless Families


Families seeking shelter should contact the Mass. Department of Transitional Assistance (1 Davis Sq; Somerville 02144; 617-629-1400), which arranges placement for families determined to be homeless and eligible for Emergency Assistance (same income as TAFDC). There are very few shelter beds available for non-EA-eligible families. For advocacy support in gaining DTA approval for shelter placement, or for help finding shelter at one of the few programs serving EA-ineligible families, contact the Multi-Service Center (617-349-6340).


The following family shelters receive referrals from the DTA for EA-eligible families:

Cambridge YWCA (contact: Lynn Leahy, 617-491-6050)

Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center (contact: Lore D'Eon, 617-492-2797)

Crittenton Hastings Scattered Site Units at Fresh Pond Apartments (362-364 Rindge Av.)

(contact: Monique Tasker, 617-782-7600)

Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership Scattered Site Units at Fresh Pond Apartments (362-364 Rindge Av.)

(contact: Paulette Gomes 617-859-0400 ext. 757 or Yoshiko Okazaki 617-859-0400 ext. 751)



Shelter for Battered Women and Their Children


Battered women and their children can call Transition House (617-661-7203, 24 hrs.) for emergency shelter, hotline assistance, and referrals for other support services. (staff phone: 617-591-6800 or 617-354-2676)



Shelter for Homeless Individuals (see also "Veterans Services" on page 5)


Other homeless adults must locate a shelter bed on their own. All of the following shelters -- except CASPAR's Emergency Service Center at 240Albany St. -- require sobriety, and require that guests reserve their bed, in some cases, by as early as 7:30 AM. Beds fill quickly, especially in cold/bad weather. Always call first. If Cambridge shelters are full, accessible van transportation to Boston overflow shelters is available from that evening's community meal (see listing of community meals on p.4 of this Directory). Note that by individual arrangement, some shelters are able to offer emergency beds on an extended basis to a limited number of guests who meet shelter-specific criteria.



Services / Restrictions

Means of Access

Salvation Army

402 Mass. Av. (617-547-3400)

short term & extended stay beds for sober men only, with case management, substance abuse and vocational counseling

go there

Shelter Inc.

109 School St. (617-547-1885)

short term & extended stay beds for sober men & women, with case management

referral required

(e.g., Multi-Service Center staff); calls taken from 10AM until shelter is full

First Church

11 Garden St. (617-661-1873)

extended stay beds for sober men only

referral required to get on waiting list; consumer calls to maintain wait list status

CASPAR Emergency Center

240 Albany St. (617-661-0600)

beds for men & women who are "under the influence"; shelter for more than one night requires proof of history of Cambridge or Somerville residency; separate beds for guests seeking active support for recovery; wheelchair accessible

go there

Harvard Square Shelter

66 Wintrop St. (617-547-2841)

Short term & extended stay beds for sober men & women;

Open 11/15 to 4/15 only

consumer should call at 7:30AM

St. Patricks' Shelter

Union Sq., Somerville


Short term & extended stay beds for sober women only, with case management

4 PM lottery at pick-up site: Multi-Service Center (19 Brookline St)

Shelter and Emergency Services for Homeless and Runaway Youth


Youth (age 14-25) at-risk of homelessness (runaways, street youth, homeless youth) can obtain a range of services (counseling, medical/dental care, emergency shelter, family intervention, substance abuse and AIDS/HIV counseling, assistance with education and employment) from Bridge Over Troubled Waters (617-423-9575; 47 West St; Boston) Bridge deploys street outreach workers and a medical van in Harvard Square.


All shelter placements of youth under 18 must be arranged through the Mass. Department of Social Services. Call the

DSS Child-At-Risk Hotline (800-792-5200, 24 hrs.) or work with Bridge to arrange for shelter services through the DSS.


Wayside/ShortStop (617-776-3377; 1323 Broadway; Somerville 02144) operates a transitional housing program for homeless youth, offering a range of social, educational, and pre-vocational services. Referrals through DSS or DYS.


Youth on Fire (see "Drop-In Programs" below) offers homeless and at-risk youth a safe place to rest and receive services.


Daytime Drop-In Programs (see also "Veterans Services" on page 5)


All but one (CASPAR Emergency Service Center) of the following daytime drop-in programs require that guests be sober. Hours may vary by season, so call the individual program for exact information:

The Salvation Army (617-547-3400; 402 Mass Av) operates a drop-in weekdays 8:30-3:45, Saturdays 11:30-1, and

Sundays 1:30-3. Daily lunch and a spread of other food, showers, laundry facilities, and clothing. Staff social

workers are available to help with referrals. Tues. & Thurs. NA meetings (11AM). Optional structured activities.

Shelter Inc. (617-547-1885; 109 School St.) operates a women's only drop-in weekdays 10:30-2:30. Guests are

offered lunch, access to a nap room, showers, clothing, help with referrals, the option to participate in some

structured activities, and counseling.

Bread and Jams (617-441-3831 OR 617-354-8982) operates a drop-in in the basement of Old Cambridge Baptist Church

(1151 Mass Av. near Harvard Sq) weekdays 10-5. Staff provide assistance accessing housing, employment,

benefits, and services. Guests may shower, use the Center's typewriters, computers, telephones (guests may

receive calls), and microwave oven. The Center is staffed and run by formerly homeless persons

CASPAR Emergency Service Center (617-661-0600; 240 Albany St) is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day as

a drop-in and shelter for active substance abusers (no drugs or alcohol on premises). During the day, the Center

offers guests lunch, access to showers and laundry, and a place to rest off the street. Substance abuse counselors

are available to support guests seeking help with recovery.

CASPAR's Phoenix Center (617-666-9947; 156 Highland St. (rear); Somerville) is open weekdays 9 to 5 for

persons in substance abuse recovery. The Center offers guests individual counseling support, access to

AA meetings and early recovery groups, help with referrals to other program and services, and coffee/snacks.

On the Rise (617-497-7968) operates a Safe Haven for Women (341 Broadway, off Inman St.), with a focus on

serving chronically homeless women and women with multiple needs. Open Mon 9-1, Tues & Thurs 9-3, Weds & Fri 9-5,

and most Saturdays 8-4. Staff are available to provide long-term, broad-based support and advocacy, including assistance

accessing necessary resources or services; also available is a shower, nap space, clothing, snacks, and a laundry

Youth on Fire (617-661-2508; at 1555 Mass Av in the basemnt of Harvard Epworth Church off Cambridge Common) is

a drop-in for homeless and at-risk youth (age 14-24) open Mon/Weds/Fri 12-6. Operated by Camb. Cares About AIDS,

the center offers food, counseling support, clothes, a library, computers, and games. Additional services are planned.

Ruby Rogers Advocacy and Drop In Center (617-625-9933; 71 Union Sq.) is open Mon-Sun 11AM - 5PM for former

and current patients at mental hospitals, and persons at-risk of psychiatric hospitalization. The Drop-In is

member-governed, and provides self-help, socializing, and advocacy.

The Cambridge Somerville Social Club (617-576-6570; 54 Essex St.) is open weekdays 3-7PM, Saturdays 1-7PM, and

Sundays 1-6PM for persons who receive mental health services. The Drop-In provides a place to

socialize, cook/dine, read, play music, paint, etc. In addition, staff provide vocational counseling, run a career

support group, and supervise a small number of stipended positions (e.g., snack bar, performing arts program)

The Women's Center (617-354-8807; 46 Pleasant St. near Central Square) is a collectively run Center where any woman

can obtain information, referrals, and emotional support from staff and volunteers; can access printed information about programs, services, events, jobs, health issues, etc.; can obtain low cost ($1-$12) therapy from professionals who donate their time; or can participate in one of several support groups. (M-Th:10AM-10PM, Fri:10AM-8PM, Sat:11AM-4PM).

Transitional Housing -- (see also "Residential Treatment Programs" listed under "Addiction Services")

(see also Shelters offering "extended stay" beds)


Note: Each program has it's own eligibility guidelines and participation requirements.


Carey Program (for men) at the YMCA (managed by the Cambridge Multi-Service Center;

19 Brookline Street) Contact Stephen Johnson (617-349-6349)


Women's Transitional Program at the YWCA (managed by the Cambridge Multi-Service Center;

19 Brookline Street) Contact Zelia Pacheco Kelleher (617-349-6347)


Men's Transitional Program at the Salvation Army (402 Mass. Av.) Contact Val Harris (617-547-3400)


Men's Program (YMCA) and Women's Program (YWCA) for people with HIV/AIDS (managed by Cambridge Cares About AIDS; 678 Mass. Ave. - 4th floor; Contact Shelley Correia (617-661-3040 x22)


CASPAR Bridge Program (Men's Graduate Housing) at the YMCA: contact Jessica Zike, 617-661-9622 x107)


CASPAR GROW House (Women's Graduate Housing): contact Virginia at 617-547-8141 or 617-661-6020)


Common Ground Women's Transitional Program (at Shelter, Inc; contact Theresa Elliott, 617-499-4052)


Mid-Point Family Transitional Program (scattered sites; contact Joseph Boateng, 617-349-6350)


Phillips Brooks House (summer) Transitional Program (for men and women) (mid-June to mid August)

at St. James Church (1991 Mass Av. in Porter Sq.): contact 617-576-1716




Street Outreach & Non-Residence-Based Case Management



The Cambridge Multi-Service Center (617-349-6340; 19 Brookline St.) provides a range of services to homeless persons and families, including short-term case management. Staff have expertise in addressing the needs of elders, persons with disabilities, families, and single individuals who are homeless. Clients may receive referrals for a range of services, including services furnished by other providers offering on-site hours, including housing search, mental health and substance abuse counseling, money management, and legal assistance. Staff involved in housing search have access to limited funds to help support transitions to new housing out of homelessness. The MSC also manages a very limited source of funds available as a last resort to preventing eviction.


Field-Based Case Management services are being reorganized under HomeStart at this time. Program staff can meet with and provide information and assistance to homeless persons at safe, mutually convenient locations anywhere in the community: meal sites, drop-ins, coffee shops, etc.; and can continue providing assistance even after a client changes her/his place of residence. Case managers can assist clients in obtaining public benefits; share information about and help clients access a wide range of local resources and services; and help clients plan and implement successful strategies for obtaining next-step housing and/or employment. The program also manages a small cash assistance/loan fund (see also p.6) which can help clients cover the cost of goods or services necessary for progressing towards employment/housing (e.g., replacing lost ID, obtaining a drivers license, purchasing a T-pass, etc.). Program services are targeted to homeless persons who lack ready access to other sources of case management; however, staff may also collaborate with and augment the efforts of existing case managers to address unmet needs.


CASPAR's First Steps Street Outreach Team for Cambridge and Somerville (contact Michelle O'Brien, 617-666-7227) deploys three teams of van-based street outreach workers on overlapping shifts covering weekdays 8AM-midnight and weekends 8AM-4PM. Teams are especially trained and prepared to assist actively substance abusing homeless persons access either shelter or detox services.


On the Rise (617-497-7968) deploys street outreach workers who can provide long term support and case management for unsheltered and other homeless women who are unable or unwilling to receive necessary services from more traditional providers. (See also services listed under Daytime Drop-In Programs.)


Meal Programs (Note: The Salvation Army's meal's are accessible, but their women's bathrooms are not.)



Breakfasts (8:30-9:30 daily at Citywide Senior Center, 806 Mass Av., Central Sq.) - suggested donation $0.70

Lunches (at various locations, reservations required unless noted) - suggested donation $1.25

> Citywide Senior Center: daily 11:30-1, no reservation required, 806 Mass Av. in Central Square (617-349-6060)

> North Cambridge Senior Center: weekdays 11;30-1, 2050 Mass Av, near Porter Sq. (617-349-6320)

> Mass. Alliance for Portuguese Speakers: Mon-Sat 12-1, 1046 Cambridge St (617-628-6065)

> Salvation Army Silver Threads Program: Tues-Thurs 12-1, no donation requested, 402 Mass. Av. (617-547-3400)

> Miller's River Apartments: daily 11:30-1, 15 Lambert St. (617-354-3789)

> Norfolk St. House: daily 11:30-1, 116 Norfolk St. (617-868-7979)

> Burns Apartments: daily 11:30-1, 50 Churchill Av. (617-492-7247)

> St. Paul's Residence: daily 11:30-1, 34 Mt. Auburn St. (617-234-2973)



Thursdays: 9:30-11 in Central Square (sponsored by Food Not Bombs, 617-787-3436)



Weekdays: 12:00 Salvation Army (see note)(402 Mass Av., between MIT and Central Sq.) (617-547-3400)

11:30 -- Homeless Women Only -- Shelter Inc. (Women's Time) Drop-In (109 School St., 617-547-1885)

Saturday: 11:30 Salvation Army (see note)

Sunday: 1:30 Salvation Army (see note)



Sun: Sponsored by Bread and Jams:

> May 1-Oct 15 -- 5:00 Cambridge Common (near Harvard Sq.)

> Oct 15-Apr 30 -- 6:00 St James (1991 Mass Av, Porter Sq.)

Mon: 6:00 Mass. Av. Baptist Church (146 Hampshire St, Inman Sq.) (617-868-4853)

Tues: 5:30 First Parish Church (3 Church St., Harvard Sq.) (617-876-7772)

Weds: 5:00 Salvation Army (see note) (402 Mass Av., between MIT and Central Sq.) (617-547-3400)

Thurs: 6:00 Harvard Sq. Meals Program at Christ Church (Zero Garden St.) (617-876-0200)

5:00 Union Baptist Church (874 Main St., Central Sq.) (617-864-6885)

5:45 Women's Gathering Place (1991 Mass Av., Porter Sq.) (Women Only 15 guest limit)

Fri: 6:00 Mass. Av. Baptist Church (146 Hampshire St, Inman Sq.) (617-868-4853)

Sat: 5:30 Pilgrim Congregational Church (35 Magazine St, Central Sq.) (617-497-7277)



Food Pantries (call to verify hours and/or requirements for access)


CEOC (617-868-2900) 11 Inman St. (Central Sq.) Mon & Weds 4-6 PM Tues & Thurs 11-1PM


St. James Church (617-547-4070) 1991 Mass. Av. (Porter Sq.) Thurs & Sat 11-1PM Tues 6-8PM


Cambridge Senior Center (617-349-6060) for Persons 60 and Older -- 806 Mass. Av.

(opposite City Hall) Tues 11:30-2PM, Thurs 11:30-2:30PM


Margaret Fuller House (617-547-4680) 71 Cherry St Mon 9-12 noon, Thurs & Fri 9:30-12:30PM, & emergencies


Cambridgeport Baptist Church (617-576-6779) 459 Putnam St. (near Magazine St.) 1st & 3rd Sat 10-12 noon


St. Pauls AME Church (617-661-1110) 85 Bishop Allen Dr. Weds 12-2PM Sat 10-12 noon


East End House (617-876-4444) 105 Spring St. weekdays 10-4PM, by referral only


Western Av. Baptist Church (617-661-0433) 299 Western Av. 2nd Weds 10-12 noon


Salvation Army (617-547-3400) 402 Mass. Av. Help available daily, by appointment


Zinberg Clinic Pantry for patients with HIV/AIDS at The Cambridge Hospital (617-665-1606)

Services for Veterans



The New England Shelter For Homeless Veterans (617-248-9400; 17 Court St. in Boston) offers a range of services for homeless veterans, including emergency and extended stay shelter, meals, case management, assistance accessing public benefits (e.g., SSI) and Veterans Benefits (see list below), legal assistance, eyeglasses, dental care, transitional and permanent housing, and employment. Shelter staff also facilitate access to substance abuse treatment and lead groups for veterans with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).


The Cambridge Department of Veterans Services (DVS) (617-349-4761; 51 Inman St, 2nd fl.) can help eligible wartime veterans and their dependents access state and federal benefits. (Eligible periods of military service may include WWII, Korea, VietNam, Panama, Grenada, and the Persian Gulf conflict which is considered by Congress to include any time from 1990 to the present.) Proof of residence in a Cambridge home or residential program is required. Eligibility guidelines vary benefit to benefit, and may be based, for example, on the nature of military service and type of discharge (DVS staff can help veterans upgrade their discharge to qualify them for benefits); the existence and extent of a disability, and the degree to which it is service-related, if at all; the income and assets of the veteran/dependents; and if the veteran is unemployed, the reasons why; etc. DVS staff can assist veterans and/or their dependents in accessing:

emergency cash assistance for food, clothing, shelter (to prevent eviction or foreclosure, or to help with transition from homelessness to housing), utilities, personal needs, insurance, telephone, and transportation

service-related and non-service-related disability pensions

a small monthly stipend ($155/month) available to persons with a work history who are in job training or in a rehabilitation program for substance abuse or mental illness (Veterans with a criminal history or history of drug-related eviction may not be eligible; veterans who receive this stipend and who are deemed "able to work" must register with Career Source and take any available employment.)

inpatient and outpatient health care, including coverage of medical, dental, hospital, or nursing home care

education benefits (Veterans enrolled in a degree program in a community college or state college or university can get free tuition. A more extensive education benefit is restricted to veterans with a service-connected disability, any pre-90s veteran within 15 years of his/her (honorable) discharge, and honorably discharged 90s veterans who have paid into an education fund while in the military.)

job training and vocational rehabilitation In addition to other employment-related assistance, unemployed or underemployed recently separated or VietNam Era or disabled veterans (homeless or not) may be eligible to participate in the Vet Tech program (617-371-1785, based at the New England Shelter at 17 Court Street; <>), which offers free job training and placement support in culinary arts (16 weeks); commercial drivers' license training (12 weeks to get a Class B License); computer office applications (14 weeks on Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, etc.); computer support (19 weeks on diagnostic and repair procedures on PC hardware, platforms, and peripherals); security guard (6 weeks including a paid internship).

survivor and/or burial benefits


The Veterans' Benefits Clearinghouse (Boston, 617-445-7030) offers a range of services to veterans and their families:

employment and training services, including job readiness counseling, skills assessment, skills training, apprenticeship and job placement,

readjustment counseling and other mental health support services,

HIV/AIDS prevention and education services,

a range of homelessness prevention services, including assistance finding affordable housing, and

services targeting VietNam-era veterans and their families, including counseling, Agent Orange screening, medical and mental health referrals, drug & alcohol counseling and treatment referrals, and help with housing.


U.S. Veterans Administration medical facilities provides honorably discharged veterans with free health and mental health care and dental care associated with a service-related dental problem. The sites closest to Cambridge are:

V.A. Outpatient Clinic (617-248-1000) 251 Causeway St., Boston

V.A. Medical Center (617-232-9500) 150 South Huntington St., Boston

V.A. Hospital (781-275-7500) 200 Spring Rd., Bedford



Housing Search (See also "Veterans Services" page 5)



Homeless Families living in Cambridge shelters receive housing search and post placement stabilization support from the

Homeless Intercept Program (contact: Zelia Pacheco Kelleher; 617-349-6347, Multi-Service Ctr, 19 Brookline St.

Homeless Individuals in Cambridge may receive housing search and post-placement stabilization services from


Housing Resource Team (this program is being reorganized: contact HomeStart) specializes in housing search for

homeless persons with disabilities and homeless persons lacking other case management support


HomeStart (at the Multi-Service Ctr, 19 Brookline St.; contact Sharon Kinsella 617-349-6394) serving homeless

persons with viable incomes. Case manager referral required, in most cases. Call 349-6340 for drop-in hours.


Multi-Service Center (19 Brookline St.; contact Nancy Daniels 617-349-6348) serves homeless elders and persons

with disabilities. Call for hours at the Cambridge Senior Center (806 Mass. Av.)


Lead Safe Cambridge (617-349-6011) State law requires that landlords renting to families with young children de-lead their apartments. Landlords may not refuse to rent to such families because an apartment contains lead paint. Lead-Safe Cambridge can assist apartment-hunters who suspect a landlord of violating that law, can help landlords obtain financial assistance or tax credit for de-leading, and can provide interim housing for a tenant whose apartment is being deleaded.)


Housing discrimination: See "Cambridge Human Rights Comm." and "Fair Housing Center" under "Legal Assistance" p. 11)



Moving Help & Assistance with Furnishing a Household (program/case manager referral required)


Solutions at Work (617-492-0300; 1151 Mass Av. -- basement) -- a homeless-run, homeless-staffed organization provides moving assistance and free used furniture & household furnishings (including refrigerators) to people transitioning out of homelessness to transitional or permanent housing. Warehouse visits (to select furniture, etc.) by appointment only.


Mass. Coalition for the Homeless (617-737-3430) - free furniture for people moving out of homelessness -- No "layaway": customers must take selected furniture with them (trucking help is available from Solutions at Work).



Emergency Financial Assistance (See also veterans services, page 5)


For Housing-Related Costs


> HomeStart and the Multi-Service Center (see "housing search services" above, for phone numbers) can provide limited help to their housing search clients with last month's rent, security deposit, and/or realtor fee. Although each agency has its own eligiblity guidelines, generally speaking, help is available only to persons who have saved enough money to cover most of these up-front housing costs, and who have adequate income to sustain rent payment. These agencies and the City's Fuel Assistance office (617-349-6252) can also help pay gas or electric arrearages and help negotiate payment plans to facilitate utility service in a new apartment.


> Additional resources for housing costs may be obtained from the F.E.M.A. program (contact: Catholic Charities, 617-625-1920 x111 or 103) from March until September (or sooner if funds are exhausted).


For Non-Housing-Related Costs


> The United Way's First Call for Help (1-800-231-4377) can direct homeless persons to sources of small cash grants or loans to cover emergency needs.


> A Missing Link Fund, managed by the Field Based Case Management Program (under reorganization at this time) can make small loans or grants to homeless persons to help cover the otherwise-unmet costs of goods or services necessary to progress toward next-step employment or housing (e.g., replacing identification, obtaining a drivers license, purchasing a T pass, etc.). Client status in the FBCMP or a case manager referral is required.



Representative Payee and Money Management Assistance


Free help with money management and budgeting is available to any interested homeless person; Representative Payee services are available (cost: $5/month) to persons who receive Social Security, SSI, or other income (incl. wages) and who because of disability or impaired judgment cannot manage their money. (Persons with active drinking / drugging problems must meet with a counselor and agree to participate in treatment.) Contact: Patrick Flaherty 617-234-2930. Staff can meet with clients anywhere in Cambridge. For info about office hours at the Multi-Service Center, call 617-349-6340.

Education Note: Starred (***) resources do not exclusively serve persons who are homeless.


See also North Charles Institute under "Employment" below. (See also "Veterans Services" on page 5.)


Project LIFT at the Community Learning Center (19 Brookline St; contact: Nellie Dedmon 617-349-6363) offers a range of educational services for homeless persons: English as a Second Language (ESL), GED, literacy, math, and computer literacy classes on a drop-in or enrollment basis; individual tutoring. Classes are held at the Learning Center, at CCTV (also in Central Square), at Jefferson Park (a CHA development in North Cambridge), and at other sites. The Learning Center may also be able to arrange tutoring at shelters or other convenient sites.


***Mass. Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) (617-776-2662; 5 Middlesex Av., Somerville) helps pay for education and job training for persons with documented disabilities. GBRS (see below) can help clients obtain MRC assistance.


Help finding scholarship resources is available from the Cambridge Employment Program and Impact, listed below.



Employment Note: Starred (***) resources do not exclusively serve persons who are homeless.


See also Mass. Rehabilitation Commission under "Education" above. (See also "Veterans Services" on page 5.)


***Cambridge Employment Program (617-349-6166; 51 Inman St.): Provides one-to-one employment assistance for work-ready Cambridge residents, including career counseling, resume development, job search assistance including sharing resumes with prospective employers, and help locating training resources.


Impact (617-542-0338; 105 Chauncy St, Boston): Employment assistance for work-ready homeless persons & persons transitioning to housing. Skills/aptitude assessment; resume preparation; help with job search; employer contacts, access to word processors, telephones, voice mailbox, and P.O. box. By referral only.


Solutions at Work (617-492-0300; at the Old Cambridge Baptist Church, 1151 Mass. Av) is a homeless-run, homeless-staffed organization that runs a number of programs (moving service, furniture bank, children's clothing exchange, self-advocacy training) serving homeless and low income persons. Solutions at Work provides transitional employment for homeless persons seeking a supportive environment in which to develop work skills and job experience.


GEAR (A program of CASPAR) operates a clothing program (156 Highland Av.- rear, in Somerville) and second-hand clothing store (217 Highland Av. in Somerville) which provides a range of employment opportunities for homeless persons (i.e., for persons just entering the workforce, to experienced persons seeking recent work references for their resume). Contact Charleen Tierney at 617-591-1900. By referral only.


Spare Change (617-497-1595; 1151 Mass Av.) is a small independent newspaper written and distributed by homeless and formerly homeless persons. Homeless persons seeking employment as vendors or wishing to submit an article (for which they can receive a modest payment) should visit the office during business hours.


***Greater Boston Rehabilitation Services (GBRS) (617-491-4200; 9 East St. near Lechmere Square) operates a range of programs intended to enhance the work readiness and employability of persons with barriers to employment, including but not limited to homelessness. GBRS staff also assist work-ready clients with finding appropriate employment. Funding for new clients is extremely limited unless they are eligible for Department of Mental Health, Department of Mental Retardation, or Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) services.


Project Place (32 Rutland St. in Boston's South End) runs three transitional employment programs for homeless persons with 90 days sobriety. Case managers from transitional programs should make referrals to Angie Felix at 617-262-3740. "Clean Corners, Bright Hopes"is a 90-day program offering paid work experience cleaning and maintaining streets in the Downtown Crossing and other areas. Program graduates receive assistance and/or referrals in their search for follow-up employment. "Project 90" is a 90 day program offering training in office-based "soft skills" and internships in a range of clerical and administrative positions. Program participants receive follow-up job search/placement support. Project Place offers longer term transitional employment stocking and maintaining Pepsi vending machines in metropolitan Boston.


St. Francis House (617-542-4211; 39 Boylston St. in downtown Boston) offers a range of work-related services including both group and individualized services, depending on the skills and experience of the consumer; prospective clients should attend one of the employment orientations offered at 9:30 AM several times a week. Services run the gamut from basic preparation for employment to focused exploration of a client's vocational possibilities and strengths, resume development, interviewing practice, searching the Internet for jobs, and/or job matching with temp agencies. Counselors can also help with money management skills, identifying ESL classes and other basic educational services

Employment (continued)


On the Job, a program of the Boston Rescue Mission in collaboration with Park Street Church, at 3 Park St. in downtown Boston) offers paid on-the-job training in janitorial services. On the Job contracts with commercial and public buildings throughout the metropolitan Boston area to provide cleaning services. Trainees work at one or more of these sites, generally after 5PM in the evening, for between 20 and 30 hours/week. Trainees start at $6.50/hour, and are eligible for pay increases based on periodic performance reviews after 30 days and six months. Participants may also earn a $1,000 housing bonus, payable to a landlord, after six months and 600 hours of satisfactory work. Case management support is available to trainees, as well as referral for placement services. Call first for an appointment, 617-723-9480.


***The Title 5 Program at Somerville Cambridge Elder Services (617-628-2601) helps low income persons age 55 and older explore (re-)entry into the workforce, beginning with part-time paid placements with non-profit agencies.

Placements, which may last up to 2 years, pay minimum wage stipends that do not count against eligibility for Food Stamps or housing assistance. Under-65 persons receiving SSDI or SSI/disability benefits, may obtain permission from the Social Security Administration to participate in the program without losing their benefits. Eligibility for disability benefits (based on inability to work) is subject to review by Social Security after 9 months of Title 5 employment.


***North Charles Institute (617-547-2992; 260 Beacon St. in Somerville), offers financial and educational support with GED, community college, or college, and a range of employment services for Cambridge and Somerville residents with a psychiatric disability that qualifies them for DMH services. Employment-related assistance includes vocational training, job readiness training, resume development, job search assistance, interviewing assistance, career exploration, and, for persons who have never been stably employed or who have been out of the workforce for a long time transitional employment (cleaning, landscaping, receptionist). Orientations Tuesdays from 9:15-11. Register first.


***Experience Unlimited (617-876-3400; at the YWCA, 7 Temple St.; Cambridge) offers a range of supports to mature job-seekers who have acquired skills and a work history, but who are either having difficulty finding work, or are making job or life changes. In addition to telephones, internet access, and a range of printed resource materials (directories, how-to books, etc.), the program provides access to support groups, career and psychological counseling, free testing and evaluation, referrals, job matching, and help finding training resources.


***E.R.I. Welfare to Work Program (see "Career Source"; Contact Susan Zall at 617-661-7867) intensive case management (for however long needed, even if client re-locates out of Cambridge) and support with job retention, plus limited funds for transportation/clothing; serves (a) TAFDC recipients who have begun or are about to begin work or community service, and (b) persons who've exhausted TAFDC benefits; who also meet 1-2 of the following conditions: (i) no GED or HS diploma, (ii) poor work history, (iii) requires substance abuse treatment.



Pine Street Inn offers residents of its transitional housing programs the opportunity to participate in one of four four-month transitional employment programs -- culinary arts, commercial cleaning, warehousing (clothing sorting and sales), and computers. Each of these programs entail approximately half-time paid positions, culminating in a six week paid internship with a local business. Program graduates receive housing search and job placement assistance and other support associated with transitional housing. The men's transitional housing is located in separate buildings on Long Island; the women's transitional housing is near the Pine Street Inn in Boston. Participants must be clean and sober. Referrals to the transitional housing programs may be made by case managers or by interested consumers themselves to either the men's program (617-745-4313) or the women's program (617-521-7147).


Long Island Shelter offers shelter residents and transitional housing program residents the opportunity to participate in work experience programs (primarily custodial/maintenance), hands-on job training (culinary arts, maintenance, clothing warehousing and distribution, laundry, and kitchen service), and/or to receive job search/placement assistance. Persons interested in employment programs should speak with a case manager at the shelter; referrals for Project Soar (the transitional housing program serving men and women) should be made by a case manager to 617-534-2528 x 418.


Span (617-423-0750) in Boston provides employment assistance to ex-offenders.


The Career Source (185 Alewife Brook Parkway; 617-661-7867) provides a range of employment resources, including free access to word processors, telephones, copying, and fax machines, as well as an employment resource room for job seekers. Certain categorically eligible low income persons may also be eligible for individualized career counseling support and free employment training.

Health Care Note: all services are unless otherwise noted. (See also "Veterans Services" on page 5.)



         Free care (including inpatient and outpatient health care, dental care, prescription drugs) is available to any uninsured person with income under 200% of the Federal Poverty guideline (approx. $1,300/mo. for one person, plus $450/month for each additional household member). Apply at the time care is received or in advance. Free hospital care is offered at The Cambridge Hospital (617-498-1000); 1493 Cambridge St.) and Mt. Auburn Hospital (617-492-5560; 330 Mt. Auburn St.). Outpatient care is available in Cambridge at the Neighborhood Health Centers listed below.


         Network Health: The Cambridge & Somerville Hospitals and their network of community health centers (see below) offer a comprehensive managed care plan -- Network Health -- which persons can join by calling 617-503-2310 or visiting the Free Care Office next to the Cambridge Hospital Emergency Room at 1493 Cambridge St.


         Persons ineligible for Free Care (because their income is too high or because they have other insurance) can obtain supplemental insurance or "Partial Free Care". Enrollment assistance is available by calling 617-503-2310 or visiting the Free Care Office next to the Cambridge Hospital Emergency Room at 1493 Cambridge St.


         Mass Health (a.k.a. Medicaid), providing the most comprehensive coverage of health care, dental care, and mental health care, is available to low income families, persons with disabilities, and elders. Assistance in applying for Mass Health is available at the above-mentioned Free Care Office or at any of the health centers listed below.


         Health Care for the Homeless (617-591-6765) medical staff provide primary care at the following walk-in clinics:

      Salvation Army (402 Mass. Av.) (Mon 1-3, Tu 1-4, Wed 10-2, Th 10-2, Fri 1-4)

      CASPAR Emergency Service Center (240 Albany St.) (Tu 1-4, Wed 3-5, Th 3-6)

Staff at the Salvation Army clinics also serve homeless children enrolled in the Salvation Army child care program.

Health Care for the Homeless Nursing Staff provide primary care and health education services for residents of the YWCA and Hildebrand family shelters and at Transition House, a shelter for battered women and their children


         Homeless and marginally housed women can contact Women of Means (781-239-0290) for a referral to a doctor or nurse who can provide free health care services at one of several sites in metro Boston.

         Homeless and runaway youth (age 14-25) can receive health care at the Teen Health Center (617-498-1548; at the Camb. Rindge & Latin High School, 459 Cambridge St.) and from Bridge Over Troubled Waters (617-423-9575,

47 West St, Boston); Bridge has outreach workers in Central & Harvard Sq., and a medical van (not ) in Harvard Sq. Bridge can also provide or arrange for dental care, counseling, and substance abuse and AIDS/HIV counseling.


         Homeless elders can obtain health care at the Senior Health Center (617-498-2000) at the Senior Ctr (806 Mass. Av)


         Homeless veterans may access health care services through the VA system described on page 5 of this directory.


         Pregnant women & women with infants with incomes under the 200% of poverty guideline may be eligible for additional health benefits under the Healthy Start program, offered at any health center of the Cambridge Hospital.


Neighborhood Health Centers of the Cambridge Hospital (call 617-503-2310 for additional sites in Somerville):

Primary Care Center (617-665-1068) at The Cambridge Hospital

Cambridgeport Health Center (617-498-1105) 150 Erie St.

East Cambridge Health Center (617-665-3000) 163 Gore St.

North Cambridge Health Center (617-498-1119) 266 Rindge Av. (also a site for the WIC program)

Riverside Health Center (617-498-1109) 205 Western Av.

Windsor St. Health Center (617-665-3600) 119 Windsor St. (also a site for the WIC program and dental clinic)

Cambridge Family Health (617-876-5116) 237 Hampshire St. (by appointment only)



HIV/AIDS Services (see also AIDS Action (617-437-6200) & Positive Directions (617-262-3456) in Boston)


Cambridge Cares About AIDS (617-661-3040; 678 Mass. Av.) provides a range of assistance to persons with HIV/AIDS, including case management, medical advocacy, needle exchange, home delivery of meals, housing search assistance, transitional housing, "harm reduction" services, and a "buddy" program.



Eye Exams and Glasses (contact Health Care for the Homeless for other suggestions) (see also Veterans Services p.5)


The Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary (243 Charles St. in Boston) offers free or low cost eye exams and glasses. Call 617-573-3250 to apply for free care.

The New England Eye Institute (617-262-2020; 1255 Boylston St. in Boston) offers free exams for eyeglasses to homeless persons. Homeless persons can bring their prescriptions (and a letter documenting homelessness) to the Pine Street Inn Clinic to receive a free pair of glasses.

Addiction Services Note: all services are unless otherwise noted.


Substance abuse counseling, dual diagnosis treatment and help accessing other treatment resources is available by:

contacting Diedtre Peterson at the Multi-Service Center (617-349-6002; visits by appointment) or,

going to the Outpatient Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Service Unit (weekdays 9AM-3PM) at Heritage Hospital

(617-591-6050; 26 Central St in Somerville; shuttle service leaves from the Line St. entrance of Cambridge Hospital)


Other outpatient treatment services are offered by:

Mt Auburn Hospital Prevention and Recovery Center: 617-499-5051

CASPAR Outpatient Program: 617-661-1316

MAPS Acupuncture Detoxification and Outpatient Counseling: 617-628-6065

North Charles Institute for the Addictions Methadone Maintenance program: 617-661-5700

Concilio Hispano: 617-661-9406 (not )

IMPACT: 617-661-0405 (new patients should sign up to attend Tuesday orientations)


Access to detoxification can be arranged (24 hours/day unless otherwise noted)

by the CASPAR Street Outreach program (contact: Michelle O'Brien, 617-666-7227) (9-5 only)

by going to the CASPAR Emergency Services Center (617-661-0600) 240 Albany Street

by calling the CASPAR Intervention Center 617-628-6300 (9-5 only)

by calling Somerville Hospital Detox (for heroin users or persons with medical conditions): 617-591-4227 or 4220

by calling AdCare: 1-800-ALCOHOL

by going to the Psychiatric Emergency Room of The Cambridge and Somerville Hospitals

(617-498-1560 or 617-665-1560; 1493 Cambridge St.; Dennis Dottin is available 9-5 only)


Services for youth (25 and under): Bridge Over Troubled Water (617-423-9575)

Services for seniors (60 and older): Geriatric Substance Abuse Program (617-349-6220)


Sober Drop-In Center: CASPAR Phoenix House (617-666-9947) 255 Elm St. #201 in Davis Sq., Somerville

"Wet" Drop-In and 24 Hour Shelter: CASPAR Emergency Service Center (617-661-0600) 240 Albany St.; Cambridge


Residential Treatment Programs: (none of these programs are )

for women: CASPAR Womanplace (contact: Carol Nickerson, 617-661-6020)

for pregnant & parenting women: CASPAR New Day (contact: Susan Shaw, 617-628-8188)

for men in recovery: CASPAR mens' residences (contact: David Wilson, 617-623-5277)


To find support groups for achieving/maintaining sobriety, coping with addiction and its effects on a family/relationship, & compulsive gambling:

Alcoholics Anonymous (617-426-9444) Al-Anon (for families and friends of users) (617-843-5300)

AA/AlAnon for Portuguese speakers (617-628-6065) Rational Recovery (781-891-7574)

Narcotics Anonymous (617-884-7709) Cocaine Anonymous (617-421-5533 or 800-477-6751)

Gamblers Anonymous (617-338-6020) gamblers, families



Mental Health Care (See also Addiction Services, above, for services for persons with a dual diagnosis)


Mental Health Services, all of which are unless otherwise noted, are available, as follows:


         by appointment with Health Care for the Homeless psych. staff at the Salvation Army clinic (Friday 11:30-1:30)


         walk-in emergencies at the Psych Emerg Rm. at Camb. Hosp (617-498-1560 or 617-665-1560; 1493 Cambridge St)


         by appointment with the TriCity Mental Health Specialist at the Multi-Service Center (vacant: 617-349-6331), or the TriCity Mental Health Specialist at the DMH (Annie McAleer, 617-354-8543), who can make referrals for ongoing counseling at the Psychiatric Outpatient Unit at Heritage Hospital (see below for directions and phone)


         at the Cambridge and Somerville Hospitals' Psychiatric Outpatient Unit at Heritage Hospital

(26 Central St in Somerville; shuttle vans leave from the Line St. entrance of the Cambridge Hospital)

> for an initial appointment (617-498-1654)

> for a follow-up appointment with an ongoing provider (617-498-1150)


         through the Community Treatment Team at Somerville Mental Health (contact Dana Holly (617-623-5487) or Martha Goldstein (617-623-3278)) -- serving homeless DMH priority clients (Rhonda Bourne, 617-491-0600 or Robin Rex, 617-354-8543) with history of hospitalizations and difficulty using traditional outpatient services


by appointment at the Community Legal Services And Counseling Center (617-661-1010; 1 West St.)

Dental Care (see also Bridge Over Troubled Water, above, and Veterans Services, on page 5;

note also that dental care is a Mass Health covered service)


The Dental Clinic at the Windsor St. Health Center 119 Windsor St (617-665-3990) has the capacity to serve a limited number of persons who qualify for free or discounted care.

The Mass Dental Society's "Dentistry for All" program offers reduced cost dentistry through participating dentists. Applicants must document financial need. Call (1-800-342-8747) for an application and a referral.

Low cost teeth cleaning is available at the dental clinic of the Forsythe School for Dental Hygienists

(617-262-5200; 140 Fenway in Boston)

Cambridge Health Care for the Homeless (see above) can refer homeless adults to the McGinnis House in Jamaica Plain, Boston for free comprehensive dental care

St. Francis House (617-542-4211; 39 Boylston St. in downtown Boston) screens candidates for dental care every Thursday morning (arrive by 9AM or shortly thereafter), and arranges referrals for free follow-up care

"Smiles for Success" provides referrals for free/low cost dental care by local women dentists for women whose ability to succeed may be compromised by decayed, missing or damaged teeth. Obtain more information or apply for assistance at


Services for Victims of Domestic Violence


Transition House (617-661-7203) and Respond (617-623-5900) provides counseling, referral for emergency shelter, and related services to battered women and their children. Support and services are available to women regardless of whether they are ready to leave the battering relationship. Referral to shelter is available.


Emerge (617-547-9879) provides counseling for batterers.


The Rape Crisis Center (617-492-7273) provides assistance to victims of rape.


Violence by caregivers against children, elders, and persons with disabilities must be reported. The following hotlines will lead to investigation and efforts to address abusive situations:

> Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-792-5200

> Elder Abuse Hotline: 1-800-922-2275 or call Somerville Cambridge Elder Services (628-2601)

> Disabled Abuse Hotline: 1-800-426-9009


The Victims of Violence program of The Cambridge Public Health Commission (617-498-1284) can provide clinical support to providers working with persons who have been traumatized by violence.



Legal Assistance


Legal assistance in appealing the denial of public benefits (TAFDC, SSI, Emergency Assistance, etc.) and assistance preventing evictions is available from Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services (617-494-1800), Community Legal Services & Counseling Center (617-661-1010), and Harvard Legal Aid (617-495-4408)


Legal help with other matters, including criminal records, outstanding warrants, credit problems, and child support problems is available from the Community Legal Assistance Project. Prospective clients or their case managers may call Bennett Lerner at the Shelter Legal Services Foundation (617-552-0623) to arrange an appointment at one of the following Cambridge locations. Prospective clients may also come at the beginning of the sessions (times in parentheses) without an appointment: Tuesday mornings (walk-ins come at 9AM) at the Multi-Service Center, Saturday mornings (walk-ins come at 9AM) at First Parish Church (3 Church St. in Harvard Sq.), and every other Thursday evening (walk-ins come at 6PM) at the Central Square Public Library (45 Pearl St.).


The Cambridge Human Rights Commission (617-349-4396) investigates allegations of discrimination, including refusal by landlords to rent an apartment based on applicants' race, color, gender, age, religion, disability, national origin, sexual preference, marital status, family status, military status, or source of income/payment. (i.e., landlords cannot tell an applicant: "I don't take Section 8" or "I don't rent to families with children.")

         The Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston (617-988-0611) can investigate allegations of housing discrimination. To initiate a review and/or investigation of a case of possible discrimination, complete an intake form (which is available by calling 617-988-0604 or on-line at



Child Care and Other Services for Children and Their Parents



Child Care for children of homeless families and parenting support is provided by:

Our Place (Salvation Army 617-547-3400) -- weekdays 9AM-3PM for children age 3 months to 7 years

Cambridge Head Start (617-577-7880) -- for children age 2.9 to 4 (waiting lists vary by program)

> full day child care (8AM-5:30PM) is available to households earning under 175% of the federal poverty level ($2,300/month for a family of four), for parents in school/work/training in excess of 30 hours/week.

> half-day Head Start programming (4 hours, starting 8-9:30AM) and child care (7:45AM-1:45PM) is available only to below 100% of poverty; for child care, caregivers must show 20 hours of out-of-home commitments.

Information about child care scholarships is available from the Child Care Resource Center (617-547-9861)


In-Shelter support for parents of at-risk children or children with special needs is provided by:

Cambridge Somerville Early Intervention (617-491-0600) -- for children age 0-3

Home-Based Programs of the Cambridge School Department

> Early Childhood Program (617-349-6849) -- for children age 18 mos - 3 1/2 years

> Individualized Learning Program (617-349-6850) -- for children age 3-4

> Bilingual Program (617-349-6724) -- for children age 3-5 of families whose primary language isn't English


Scholarships for participation in After-School Enrichment Programs (arts/music/dance, sports/gymnastics, academics, etc.) and Summer Camps operated by the Community Schools Program (617-349-6235 or 617-349-6227) are available by contacting the Bureau of Pupil Services (617-349-6500 or 617-349-6424) of the Cambridge School Department


Parent Mentors to support mothers transitioning from shelters to housing are available through Cambridge Family & Children's Services (617-876-4210).


Children's clothing, books, and toys (see the Children's Clothing Exchange and Rosie's Place under "Clothing").



Clothing (See also phone book for used clothing stores: Salvation Army, Morgan Memorial, St. Vincent DePaul, Garment District)



Free clothing is available to homeless people from the shelters at which they are staying (see listings on page 1), and at the following drop-in centers (see listings on page 2 for hours): Bread & Jams, Salvation Army, Shelter Inc., and On the Rise. The following are additional clothing resources:


Cambridgeport Baptist Church (617-576-6779; 459 Putnam St. at Magazine St.) during Saturday food pantry hours (1st and 3rd Saturdays 10 AM - 12 Noon) nominal charge of 10 cents per item may be waived


Bread & Jams (617-497-9200) at the Sunday meal (see p.4. for seasonal locations and times)


GEAR: "In Pursuit of Success" (a CASPAR program) (providers only): call Charleen Tierney at 617-591-1900 for access to work quality clothing and hard-to-find items and sizes


Children's Clothing Exchange (617-576-0039; basement of Grace Methodist Church at 56 Magazine St.) Tues, Weds, & Sat 9:30-3:30 -- free clothing for children age 0-12 in exchange for donation of other useable children's clothing or volunteer help mending, sorting, or cleaning donated clothing


American Friends Service Committee (providers only; no client walk-ins) Providers can call 617-876-5312 during program hours (Tues & Thurs 9:30-4:30) to arrange for pick-up of needed clothing, including work clothing


St. Francis House (617-542-4211; 39 Boylston St in downtown Boston) has work-quality clothing available;

case management referral required


Rosie's Place (Boston): women's & children's clothing is available by appointment only by calling 617-442-9322



Positive Impressions (Boston): new professional clothing for women entering the workforce by appointment only by calling 617-266-2356. A fax referral with info about clothing size, etc. is required 3 days prior to client appointment


Other Services


Obtaining a Massachusetts ID: Homeless persons can obtain a Mass. ID from the Registry of Motor Vehicles (630 Washington St. in Downtown Boston or at the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall) by bringing a letter on shelter (or other program) stationery signed by a case manager stating the homeless person's name and Social Security number, listing any other identification that s/he has, affirming that s/he is homeless and, if applicable, residing in the shelter or transitional program, and that the case manager knows this person well and can attest to the facts of the letter. Sometimes, the Registry is willing to waive the usual $15 fee on account of the person's homelessness.


Obtaining a Discount T Pass for Persons with Disabilities: Obtain application from the MBTA (617-222-5438). Have a medical provider (e.g., Health Care for the Homeless, see "Health Care" page 9) complete the form and return it to the MBTA. Clients of DMH and registered users of The Ride do not require further verification of disability. Applications take 6-8 weeks to process. When you receive notification of approval, bring the notification, two forms of ID, and $3.00 to the Access Office at Back Bay Station on the Orange Line.


Obtaining Assistance with Transportation (see also Missing Link Fund on p.6)


Bread & Jams operates a daily van service from the evening meal site (see page 4) to Boston shelters.


> Some shelters and transitional housing programs may have the resources to offer emergency help with transportation related to housing or job search or employment.


Self-advocacy training, including peer training/support for public speaking, writing, and meeting facilitation, is offered by Speaking Up, a program of Solutions at Work (617-492-0300). Speaking Up also promotes homeless consumer involvement in agency decision making and municipal planning of services for homeless persons.


Ex-Offenders: Span, Inc. (617-423-0750 at 110 Arlington St, Boston) offers a range of support: help with housing and employment, reintegration counseling, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS services, peer support, and a drop-in center.


Voice mail accounts are available through Project Connect to homeless persons seeking housing or employment, or otherwise working to end their homelessness. Call Shelter, Inc. (617-547-1885), Multi-Service Center (617-349-6340), Bread and Jams (617-354-8982), or Solutions at Work (617-492-0300)


Free Income Tax Assistance, furnished by Harvard and Boston College business school students, is seasonally available at the Cambridge Public Library (617-349-4040) and East End House (617-876-4444)