This site is running at Shawmut Education. It is designed and developed by the students of Shawmut Education in conjunction with our MASS (Mutually Assured Stakeholder Skill development) Program. If you are a service provider in a state other than Massachusetts please complete our form. Shawmut Education maintains this site in order to enhance the publicís access to information about human services in Boston. Shawmut Education is continually updated and we make every effort to keep the information contained within its pages timely and accurate. Please be aware, however, that Shawmut Education cannot control or guarantee the accuracy, relevancy, timeliness, or completeness of an organizationís Shawmut Education entry which is the responsibility of the organization which created the entry. Any error brought to Shawmut Educationís attention and is able to be confirmed by Shawmut Education will be corrected in a timely fashion. Shawmut Education welcomes your comments and suggestions about how this web site meets your information needs..

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