Grassroots Use of Technology
by davidp
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The 10th Annual Grassroots Use of Technology Conference (GUT-C X)
takes place in just under 4 weeks!

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GUT-C X brings together hundreds of grassroots and social change
organizers with media activists, writers, and techies from all over
New England. This year, we have an array of workshops that focus on
social media and organizing work --geared towards both beginners and
experts. Topics branch out into: creating websites, building rapid
response networks, using databases and e-mail lists, fundraising and
"micro" donations, community art, virtual worlds, and more. Rather
than offering a blind "techno-lust," the conference engages in
levelheaded thinking about using the latest technologies towards the
strategic objectives of an organization for both problem solving and
empowerment. Organized in tandem with the National Writers Union's
Digital Media Conference, it will feature programming that looks at
the implications of digital tech for content creation.

More news on the conference tomorrow!

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