African Internet Connectivity - AFRISPA
by davidp
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The Grassoots Use Of Technology Conference will be held October 16 & 17 at Northeastern University. Here is a clip from the workshop we conducted at a previous GUT-C X Conference.

GUT-C X is looking forward to a diverse turnout from immigrants,
communities of color, labor organizations, and peace movement groups
and will also act as a platform for regional work on the Detroit 2010
US Social Forum!

Conference highlights will include a keynote address, "Connecting the
Disconnected," by Professor Richard O'Bryant (Northeastern University)
and a lunchtime dialogue between techies and organizers coordinated by
smartMEME. The primary conference organizers are the Organizers'
Collaborative, the John O'Bryant African American Institute, Boston
Neighborhood Network TV, the National Writers Union, and Massachusetts
Global Action.

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