Shawmut Education Digital Classroom Set Up

If you wish for someone from the Shawmut Education team to help you set up your own "Digital Classroom" please complete the following form.

Otherwise you will need to install three things:

Shawmut Education's Ticket
to Cross the Digital Divide
(Wireless USB adapter)

PC/Windows Users please download these 2 components to your computer's desktop:

If you have been given a Shawmut Education Webcam (Ezonics iContact), you may download the driver software here.

Mac OS X Users please download this component to your desktop:

Then follow these instructions:

For the Shawmut Education Screen Sharing Tool (VNC)

Launch the VNC Client from your desktop. Enter for hostname, and click "Connect".

You will then see a password challenge window. Enter "student" as your password, or whatever password your Shawmut Education teacher tells you.

For the Shawmut Education Student Webcam (Ezonics)

Install the Ezonics driver BEFORE you plug in the camera.

Plug the camera into a USB port and clip it to the top of your laptop screen.

Plug the earpiece into your microphone and headset/speaker jacks.

For the "Shawmut Ticket" USB Wireless adapter

AFTER you have downloaded the driver, plug the "Shawmut Ticket" Wireless USB adapter into a USB port on your laptop. (If your PC has "Plug and Play" enabled, your computer will automatically detect the new USB device. If it does not find a suitable driver, direct it to the file you downloaded to your desktop.)

Set your Network connections to obtain an IP address automatically (this is called DHCP).

Join the wireless network called "linksys" or "Digital Classroom".
(screenshot here of Show Available Wireless Connections window)

After the presentation, delete the downloaded components from your computer's desktop. Return the "Shawmut Ticket" Wireless USB adapter and Webcam/Headset to the teacher.

Alternate scenario:

"Student" plugs in their "Shawmut Ticket" Wireless USB adapter, sets their TCP/IP for DHCP, opens their browser and goes to and they get the same HTML page. They can download the VNC client and use the given hostname/password. The teacher computer needs a web server for this?


Hostname =

VNC clients must be set for "View Only" to prevent "mouse wars" (The VNC server should be set to only allow "View" connections.)

Go to VNS Server Properties > Inputs Tab > check 5 boxes to allow/disallow client control

Go to VNS Server Properties > Sharing tab > Always treat new connections as shared.

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