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While we are a small organization our scope is global as it pertains to technology solutions. We provide a range of online solutions to various organizations around the world. We offer true "cloud computing" as well as a broad range of business process management (BPM) online solutions.

Cyber University - Cyber University considers as its mission "to facilitate the reawakening of a new world consciousness to its richness in intellectual talent, spiritual awareness, cultural legacy, and to facilitate the transformation of this continued reawakening into inner peace, security, health, growth, and productivity.

The Container Project - is a Not For Profit Community Multimedia Centre providing basic computer training including digital music and video production computer repair and maintenance literacy and numeric competence and accreditation for those who wish to use the centre as a platform for further education and the development of their creative talents. Visiting Artist and facilitators offer socially integrated training in ICT and creative workshops.

Reverence For Life - Affirmational Psychology is the Art and Science of maintaining conscious mutually beneficial relationships between living energy systems. It is the field of study which calls the human family to order and poses critical questions concerning the manner in which we have conducted our affairs to date. It impacts on the personal and universal quality of life and is equally significant to all at once.

AFRISPA - is a continental Association of African Internet Service Provider Associations. AfrISPA was formed at two meetings on the 1st and 2nd August 2001 by attendees at the ACT Summit in Pretoria, South Africa. Minutes of the first meeting and second meeting and documents of the association are on this site. AfrISPA is a non-profit organisation, whose members are themselves non-profit organisations, The members of these national ISP Associations in turn are mostly commercial organisations. Formed in 2001, AfrISPA has grown over the years in membership numbers, in effectiveness, and in influence.

Cambridge School Volunteers - Founded in 1966, Cambridge School Volunteers is an independent non-profit organization supporting the academic and personal success of Cambridge public school children. CSV develops programs which match caring and competent adults with students of all needs and levels.

Imagine Publishing - This digital edition of our current issue of IMAGINE is an enhanced electronic version, which is a replica of the printed version presented in an on-screen, flip page format. It can be viewed online by anyone, anywhere, at anytime. All URLs in both editorial and ads are hot and will link you to the specified site. Our clients love this feature!

Virginia Homeless - The Virginia Homeless website provides the online presence for the initiatives and projects of Shawmut Education in the Virginia area. The initial attempt in 2004 was focused on Richmond, however success was difficult to achieve and the effort expanded statewide.

U.S. CORI - The formal mission of U.S. CORI will be developed by the incorporators, and organizing committee. That work is expected to start in December of 2007. For now it is important to note that when something does not have a name its impact can be quite severe. When we say tornado warning most if not all know what a tornado is and what they should do. The word CORI, is known in the state of Massachusetts but is little known elsewhere in the country. An initial goal is to identify how each state uses such record systems like CORI and the impact such has on the local community.

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