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March 18, 2001


Scene from "Homelessness is Illegal" Workshop

If you'd like to PARTICIPATE in the 5 WORKSHOPS ON HOMELESSNESS outlined below, please EMAIL Tom Boland. The "largest convention of college students involved in community service and social change efforts in the country," COOL Conference organizers expect to draw over 1000 people.

Conference Workshop Facilitators

The agenda includes over 170 workshops. For example: HOMELESSNESS, HOUSING & HUNGER workshops:

Fighting Hunger and Homelessness on Campus Organizing Homeless People into Self-Help and Advocacy Groups Transforming the Fishbowl: Raising Awareness of Hunger and Homelessness in the College Community From Liability to Viability: Meeting the Challenges of Student-Led Direct Service Programs Food Salvage to the Rescue Have a BIG Impact: Organize Large Service Events Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week: Projects Anyone Can Do! Make a Difference! You Can Fight Hunger Poverty through Oxfam's Hunger Banquet Midnight Run/Homeless Outreach: "Serve" The Hungry and Homeless

NATIONAL COALITION FOR THE HOMELESS staffers Michael Stoops and Luke Perry will join me (Tom Boland) and others to co-present the 5 WORKSHOPS listed below.

Confeence Organizer Tom Boland, Check his website below "Homeless Peoples Network"

Faces of Homelessness Panel (Sat. 9-10:30 am):

Illegal to Be Homeless (Sat. 10:45am-12:15pm)

Direct Action and Homelessness (Sat. 1:15-2:45pm)

Organizing Homeless People Into Self-Help & Advocacy Groups (Sun.10:30am-12:00pm)

Fighting Hunger and Homelessness on Campus (Sun. 1:00-2:30pm)

Most PARTICIPANTS will be College Students who wish to do volunteer work with homeless people. Some might go on to careers in related fields, such as human services, public policy and community organizing.

DETAILS FOLLOW about each of the 5 workshops, plus LINKS to COOL Conference web site and agenda.

Faces of Homelessness Panel (Sat. 9-10:30 am):

Homeless/formerly homeless people from the Boston area will share their experiences and perspectives on the causes of and solutions to the growing tragedy of homelessness in the U.S. This presentation provides personal insight from the "real experts" about the realities of homelessness and what people can really do to make a difference. A powerful and moving multi-media slide presentation on homelessness will precede the speakers. Find out first hand what it really means to be homeless in America.

Illegal to Be Homeless (Sat. 10:45am-12:15pm)

Michael Stoopes, National Coalition for the Homeless, Workshop Facilator

Examine local laws (anti-sleeping, sitting on the sidewalk, panhandling, etc.) passed nationwide in recent years and their effects on the civil rights of homeless people. Why are such ill-advised laws passed? Why aren't the laws being passed to help protect homeless people, as they are the victims of violent and hate crimes? How can students, homeless people and advocates fight against anti-homeless laws, and keep similar laws from being passed in the future, and protect not only the civil rights of homeless people, but their lives as well?

Direct Action and Homelessness (Sat. 1:15-2:45pm)

With the problem of homelessness still increasing, it must be clear that something is wrong. Federal response is minimal, public outcry is even less, and local non-profits are struggling to keep afloat. Sometimes a more active approach is needed to empower others, raise awareness, and compel leaders to act against injustice. We will take a look at anti-homelessness movements that decided to take matters into their own hands. From the marches and punishing fasts of Mitch Snyder in the 80's to the housing takeovers to groups such as Homes not Jails and the Kensington Welfare Rights Union, we will look at the successes, but also the failures. How effective is direct action, and what is the role of students?

Organizing Homeless People Into Self-Help & Advocacy Groups (Sun:10:30am-12:00pm)

Led by homeless/formerly homeless people, this workshop will give examples and techniques on how your student group can organize and provide support for homeless people wanting to organize and run their own self-help and advocacy organizations, plus learning how students and homeless people can work together on advocacy/organizing/public education efforts.

Fighting Hunger and Homelessness on Campus (Sun. 1:00-2:30pm)

Students play an integral role in fighting against the injustices of hunger and homelessness. Find out what you can do on your campus to involve, educate, empower, and advocate. By planning a range of education, community service, and action projects, you can reach all members of the campus community. Activities include: educational forums, a Faces of Homelessness panel, sleep-outs, food and blanket drives, hunger fasts, housing takeovers, urban plunge, etc. We will explore developing and participating in a National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Hear from what others campuses do. Learn how you can organize develop effective programs on your campus.

MORE COOL Conference INFO:

"The Path of Service Leads from Charity to Justice." We hope to provide the opportunity for people from many paths within the service movement to gain inspiration, ideas, tools, strategies, and relationships that can help achieve the broader vision of social change and social justice. Participants will include members of a variety of streams - including student-run programs, activism and advocacy groups, faith-based programs, government and policy initiatives, social entrepreneur organizations, and others.

2001 COOL National Conference: Conference Program Tracks: The role of student leadership in operating campus-based community service centers How community-based learning and research can be integrated with other campus and community efforts Using Technology and the Internet to support community-based work. The role of faith in shaping a framework for service and activism Issues of race, class, ethnicity, and culture and how they shape service National Service and how it is shaping the youth service movement Learning from and collaborating with the for-proft sector Using arts and for service and activism Advocacy and policy work and its role in serving communities (including the role of student government in campus-based service efforts) High-performing programs: tools for increasing effectiveness Going places: Applying college leadership skills after college

Press Release

Homeless Peoples Network

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