Computer Repair

Shawmut Education provides computer repair services that incorporate our capacity building methodology, OSCAP. If your computer needs repair please complete our Repair Form. Many computers are infected with some form of spyware that monitors your actions on the internet. The Spyware allows outsiders to secretly gather your personal information and aids in identity theft. We can help to protect your computer. We also service a wide array of computer platforms and equipment. The following are highlights of the more common computer repair tasks we address.

If you are interested in our Repair, Refurbishment and Deployment program please visit our sub domain that manages that aspect of our program. Their you will be able to donate computer equipment and if part of our program receive training and work on the refurbishment and subsequent deployment of donated computers.

  • Get your computer to boot
  • Repair crashed hard drives
  • Help protect and back up important data
  • Install memory
  • Perform system checkups and maintenance
  • Bring your computer up-to-date
  • Help you get your computer on the internet
  • Contain virus outbreaks
  • Remove spyware
  • Install preemptive virus and spyware security measures
  • Assess home or office computer security threats
  • Connect home or office networks
  • Secure networks from intruders


Do You Backup Your Hard-Drive:
  • Probably not – do think you should?
  • Can you afford to loss your data;?
  • How much Time and Expense would it cost to replace the Information on your Hard-Drive?
  • Have you ever erase something and was unable to restore it?
  • Has your computer ever been effective with a virus?
  • Have your files ever been corrupted?
  • Have you ever been forced to reinstall you operation systems?
  • System Restoration $150
  • Remote Computer Administration $150 per year plus applicable fees above. There is a 2 year minimum. Please additionally add $20 per workstation.
  • Memory Installation $50 plus any hardware costs
  • Hard Drive Installation $50 plus hardware costs
  • Virus Removal $150

If you are in need of more technology services beyond repair please complete our Overall Sales Form or review our Solutions page.

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