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The next government administration is going to have unprecedented access to your personal information. Our security devices and surveillance equipment can let you know if someone's watching you, and can watch over your property. Feel free to complete our online form for general inquiries.

Feel safer in and around your home with high-tech security devices and surveillance equipment from our online company based in Worcester, Massachusetts. Mr. Picture 1050 guarantees that if your product doesn't work, we provide you with a new one (local customers only), fix the problem, or provide you with a refund! Contact us today to place your first order for top-tier surveillance equipment!

Portable GPS + Mobile Phone Jammer GPS Jammer
This mobile GPS and cell phone jammer has an extremely long jamming range of up to 10 meters. If you're sick of all those phones going off, or being tracked everywhere with GPS, this is the anti-spy gadget you've been looking for. It comes with a built-in, rechargeable Li-ion battery. Price $75.00

Flexible Pinhole Camera
Perfect for flexible inspection and under-door surveillance, this gadget easily accesses hard-to-reach area! Often called a "snake" or "gooseneck" video camera, this omni-directional pinhole camera is small enough to slip under doors. Price $220.00

Secret Agent Pen Camcorder Camera Pen
Get the mission completed with this awesome secret agent pen camcorder. Sitting in your shirt pocket, standing in the pen cup, or lying on the desk, no one will ever notice as you secretly capture his or her every move. The built-in flash stores the video until it's ready to be downloaded to a computer. Price $100.00

Professional HD Video Camera HD Camcorder
720P HD Video Camera with still images capture at 5 MP native)- the perfect solution to todays burgeoning high defintion market, a great HD camera at a even better wholesale price. Simply put this is one of our best video cameras, with 720P HD capture, still images capture up to 8MP with interpolation) and a great range of contributing features. Take video at night using the cameras built in night mode, then if it gets really dark turn on the lamp for extra light, get closer to the action with macro mode enabling focus at just 50mm- great for insects and wildlife. It's not until the simple process of getting the video off the camera and putting it on a TV though that you see this units most impressive feature - HD. With a high definition recording the picture fills the entire screen with vibrant, clear imagesry that must be seen to be believed. Price $ 300.00


Sunglasses cam 2GB Sunglasses Camera with 4GB MP3 Player

These sexy sunglasses come with a mini spy camera and earphones built in. Make your spy videos stylish and easy using this covert camera sunglass set with 2GB of on-board flash memory and the ability for more video storage via a micro SD (TF) card slot. They have amazing video quality in 3GP format at 320x240 resolution. Price $180.00
Bluetooth Jammer 


NTSC Wi-Fi, Bluetoothâ„¢, Wireless Video Jammer

Perfect for worldwide use, this jammer transmits on three primary frequencies to block all nearby Wi-Fi network activity, bluetooth devices, and wireless video camera signals. Conduct your company presentation, meeting, or worship service without interruption. Price $155.00

Mobile Phone Blocking Bag Cell Phone Block Bag

This nifty and simple gadget blocks your cell phone from receiving mobile calls. Your number appears as "unavailable" or "network busy" for the person calling you. The bag also includes an extra pocket for money or your favorite phone accessory. It works with all networks and is extremely easy to use. Price $25.00

USA Super Sleuth Camera Detector Cam Detector
Finally, a way of defeating cheating spies or sleazy co-workers! By activating this small box and peering through the viewing window, you will see a reflection from the iris of the camera enabling easy identification. It also has five different flashing frequencies of the ultra-bright LED screen. Price $100.00

Digital Motion Detect Video Recorder & Button Spy Camera Motion Detector Cam
The basic function of this device can be summarized by "DVS = CCTV+DVR". That is to say, this camera can shoot and record automatically/manually once moving objects appear. It keeps the pictures in the internal memory or SD card when it needs to take a quick shot. Price $150.00

Walkie Talkie Watch Set with Backlit LCD Walkie Talkie
This pair of matte black walkie talkies comes with a wrist strap for a cool, "gadgety" way of keeping in contact. With multiple channel support, a backlit digital LCD screen, a range of more than 1km, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery, this is a well-rounded and useful communication device to own. Price $65.00

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