Guide to Donating and Volunteering in Boston Area Shelters and Food Service Programs

Foreword to the Third Edition of the Guide
Researched and Compiled by Members of the Task Force to End Homelessness of the Boston Society of Architects
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Program Phone  
Abby's House 508-756-5486 Details
Abington Housing Authority 781-878-2519 Details
Acton Community Supper Meal Program & Food Pantry   Details
Acton Housing Authority   Details
Acushnet Housing Authority   Details
Adams Housing Authority 413-743-5924 Details
Agawam Housing Authority 413-786-1297 Details
Allston/Brighton APAC   Details
Amesbury Holiday Program   Details
Amesbury Housing Authority 978-388-2022 Details
Amherst Housing Authority 413-256-0206 Details
Amherst Survival Center   Details
Andover Housing Authority 978-475-2365 Details
Arlington Food Pantry   Details
Arlington Housing Authority 7888881-646-3400 Details
Arlington Street Church - Dignity Friday Night Supper 617-536-7050 Details
Ashburnham Community Church Food Pantry   Details
Ashburnham Housing Authority 978-827-4104 Details
Ashland Housing Authority 508-881-2450 Details
Asian Shelter Advocacy Project 617-338-2355 Details
Athol Housing Authority 978-249-4848 Details
Attleboro Area Council of Churches Food 'n Friends Kitchens   Details
Attleboro Housing Authority 508-222-0151 Details
Auburn Housing Authority 508-832-3852 Details
Auburn Youth and Family Service Food Pantry   Details
Avon Housing Authority 508-588-1847 Details
Ayer Housing Authority   Details
Barre Housing Authority 978-355-6643 Details
Bay Cove Community Health Center Lemuel Shattuck Hospital [617]522-8110 Details
Bedford Housing Authority   Details
Belchertown Housing Authority   Details
Bellingham Housing Authority 413-323-4064 Details
Best-Boston Emergency Service Team 617-523-1529 Details
Boston Adolescent Shelter 617-522-8886 Details
Boston Career Link 617-536-1888 Details
Boston Family Shelter [617]267-8081 Details
Boston Health Care for the Homeless 617-414-7779 Details
Boston Night Center at Center House 617-248-1998 Details
Boston Rescue Mission 617-482-8819 Details
Boston University Community Service Center 617-353-4710 Details
Boston Urban Gardeners 617-423-7497 Details
Bread & Jams, Inc. 617-441-3831 Details
Bridge House [781]593-3898 Details
Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Inc. 617-423-9575 Details
Bristol Lodge Family Shelter 617-647-9957 Details
Bristol Lodge Men's Shelter 617-893-0108 Details
Bristol Lodge Women's Shelter 781-893-0108 Details
Bureau of School Nutrition Services 617-770-7248 Details
Cambridge Action Fund 617-497-6211 Details
Cambridge Cares About Aids 617-661-3040 Details
Cambridgeport Baptist Church Food Pantry   Details
Cambridge/Somerville Mental Health Center   Details
Cambridge YWCA 617-491-6050 Details
Cardinal Medeiros Center/St. Helena's Congregate 617-451-9331 Details
Career Source 617-661-7867 Details
Casa Myrna Vasquez 617-262-9581 Details
Casa Nueva Vida [617]524-6332 Details
CASCAP, Inc. 617-492-5559 Details
CASPAR, Inc   Details
CASPAR intervention Center 617-628-6300 Details
CASPAR outpatient program 617-6232080 Details
Casper Emergency Service Center 617-661-0600 Details
CATHOLIC CHARITIES 978-532-3600 Details
Catholic Charities/Archdiocese of Boston 617-482-5440 Details
Center Housing Day Treatment Center [617]723-6300 Details
Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance 508-791-7265 Details
Child At Risk 24 Hour Hotline 800-792-5200 Details
Children's Services of Roxbury [617]445-6655 Details
Church of the Advent [617]523-2377 Details
Church of the Holy Ressurection Open Door Meal Program   Details
Common Care   Details
Community Action Agency of Somerville 617 623-7370 Details
Community Action Amesbury Center   Details
Community Care Services Family Resource Center   Details
Community Legal Services and Counseling Center, Inc. 617-661-1010 Details
Crittenton Hastings House 617-782-7600 Details
Crossroads 617-567-5926 Details
Crossroads Family Shelter [617]567-5926 Details
Cross Street Family Shelter [617]776-6661csf Details
Demo Shelter 617-555-1212 Details
Dental Arts Associates,Inc [617]776-2323 Details
Department Mental Health Case Management Services 617- 626-4800 Details
Domiciliary, Inc. 617 669 0369 Details
Dove, Inc. 617-471-5087 Details
East End House 617-876-4444 Details
East Pantry 617 776-7687 Details
Ecclesia Ministries 617-247-4927 Details
Elders Living and Home Program 617-638-6139 Details
Elizabeth Stone House 617-522-3417 Details
Emergency Shelter Commission 617-635-4507 Details
Erich Lindemann Mental Health Center 617 262-8500 Details
Faith Home Share Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore 781-340-1604 Details
Families-in-transition at the Y 617-236-4331 Details
Family House Shelter 617-427-4470 ext. 574 Details
Father Bill's Place 617-770-3314 Details
Finex House, Inc. 617-288-1054 Details
First Church Shelter 617-661-1873 Details
First Korean Congregational Church: Loaves & Fishes Meal Program   Details
First Parish Church Meals Program (617)876-7772 Details
Florence House 508-799-2499 Details
Francis Perkins Home 508-757-7506 Details
Franklin Community Action Corporation First Vall For Help   Details
Fresh Pond Day Treatment Center   Details
Friendly House, Inc 508-755-4362 Details
Friends of the Homeless Day Center/Womens Shelter 413-734-9946 Details
Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore 617-335-8429 Details
Friends of the Homelesss Soup Kitchen 413-734-9264 Details
Glad Tidings Church Love Center   Details
Grace and Hope Mission 617-442-7579 Details
Haley House/Boston Catholic Worker 617-262-5781 Details
Harbor Me, Inc. 617-889-2111 (hotline) 617-884-8974 (office) Details
Harvard Square Churches Meal Program 617-876-0200 Details
Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center 617-491-5752 Details
Hilltown Churches Food Pantry   Details
Holy Trinity Church [617]426-6142 Details
Homeless Prevention Center - Catholic Charities 508-798-0191 Details
Humanity, Inc. 617-427-5165 Details
IMPACT 617 661-5700 Details
Interfaith Hospitality Network 508-890-1200 extension 328 Details
John Street Baptist Church 508-752-8060 Details
Kids Cafe 508-754-2686 Details
Kingston House of the Merrimac Mission, Inc. 617-482-9074 ex.222 0r 223 Details
Lakeside Apartments 508-798-4651 Details
Legal Assistance Corporation of Central Massachusetts (LACCM) 508-752-3718 Details
Lifehouse [617]265-7700 Details
LiveJustice   Details
Loaves & Fishes Regional Food Pantry   Details
Log School 617-288-6683 Details
Long Island Shelter 617-328-8155 Details
Mary's House/Bristol Lodge Family Shelter 781-647-9957 Details
Massachusetts Justice Project (MJP) 508-831-9888 Details
Massachusetts Veterans Shelter (508) 791-5348 Details
Mass. Ave. Baptist Church, Project Manna 617-868-4853 Details
Mass Dental Society's 'Dentistry For All' program 1-800-342-8747 Details
MASS. DEPARTMENT OF 617-989-2200 Details
MASS. DEPT. OF SOCIAL 617-748-2000 Details
MASS. DEPT. OF SOCIAL SERVICES 508-894-3700 Details
MASS. DEPT. OF SOCIAL SERVICES 617-520-8700 Details
MASS. DEPT. OF SOCIAL SERVICES 508-929-2130 Details
MASS. DEPT. OF SOCIAL SERVICES 413-452-3200 Details
Mass Division of Employment and Training 617-626-5400 Details
MeadowHouse 617-899-7795 Details
Medford Family Life Education Center 781-391-9116 Details
Metro Boston Area Office [617]626-9200 Details
Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership 617-859-0400 Details
Mount Auburn Hospital Prevention and Recovery Program 617 499-5051 Details
M Power Mass People/Patients Organized for Wellness Empowerment and Rights 617 929-4111 Details
Mt. Calvary Holy Church 617-427-7596 Details
Multi-Service Center for the Homeless 617-349-6340 Details
Murray Unitarian Universalist Church Food Pantry   Details
Nazareth House 617-541-0100 Details
Neighborhood Action, Inc. 617-723-5800 Details
New Chardon Street Shelter   Details
New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans 617-248-9400 Details
New Era Dental [617]567-6566 Details
North Charles Institute for the Addictions 617-661-5700 Details
Nutrition Education Outreach Project 617-283-2532 Details
Outpatient Addiction Services at the Central Street Health Center 617 591-6051 Details
Oxford House 781-321-7722 Details
Oxford House (781) 324-4337 M Details
Paulist Center 617-742-4460 Details
People In Peril (508)757-0103 Details
Philoxenia House/Greek Orthodox Diocese Church 617-277-4742 Details
Piano Dave Project 617-349-6294 Details
Pilgrim Church U.C.C. 617-282-0456 Details
Pilgrim's Hope 781-582-2010 Details
Pine Street Inn 617-482-4944 Details
Place Runaway House 617-536-4181 Details
Project Bread (617) 723-5000 Details
Project Hope 6176-442-1880 Details
Project PLACE - Homeless Resource Center (HRC) 617-262-3740 Details
Project Soup 617-776-5931 Details
Project Soup Food Pantry 617 776-7687 Details
Queen of Peace 617-288-4182 Details
Renewal House 617-566-6881 Details
Respond Inc. 617-623-5900 Details
Re-Vision House 617-825-8642 Details
Rosie's Place 617-442-9322 Details
Roxbury Family Shelter [Salvation Army] 617-427-6700 Details
Ruby Rogers Center 617-625-9933 Details
Rutland Corner House 617-566-0583 Details
Salvation Army Cambridge 617-547-3400 Details
Salvation Army Citadel 508-756-7191 Details
Salvation Army Food Pantry   Details
Salvation Army Harbor Lights Center 617-536-7469 Details
Samaritan [617]247-0220 Details
Saturday's/Sunday's Bread - Church of All Nations 617-357-5777 Details
Schiff Center [617]864-8585 Details
SELF HELP 508-587-1717 Details
Shattuck Shelter for the Homeless 617-522-8100, 617-524-7972 Details
Shelter Inc. Boston 617-864-8140, 617-864-8140 Details
Shelter Inc. Cambridge 617-864-8140, 617-547-1885 Details
Shelter, Inc. Medford 617-864-8140, 617-391-9116 Details
Shepherd’s Place 508-757-5198 Details
Shortstop, Inc 617-776-2277 Details
Sigourney House 508-860-1172 Details
Social Actions Ministries 617-482-5800 Details
Social Justice for Women 617-482-0747 Details
Sojourner House 617-427-0622 Details
Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center 617 626-8700 Details
Solutions At Work 617-492-0300 Details
Somerville Community Corporation Homelessness Intercept Program 617-234-2981 Details
Somerville Homeless Coalition, Inc. 617-623-6111, 617-776-6661 Details
Somerville Mental Health Clinic [617]623-3278 Details
Southeastern Mass. Veterans Housing Programs, Inc (508) 992-5313 Details
St.Ambrose Family Inn 617-288-7675 Details
St. Andrew's Family Shelter 617-524-6332 Details
St. Francis House 617-542-4211 Details
St. John's Church Food Shelter Program 617-282-7530, 617-298-0304 Details
St. John/St. Hugh Church 617-442-1431 Details
St. John the Evangelist [617]227-5242 Details
St. Joseph's Food Cellar   Details
St.Margaret's House 617-436-8600 Details
St. Matthew's Emergency Food Pantry 617-436-3590 Details
St. Paul AME Housing and Homeless Program 617-661-1110 Details
St.Paul's Cathedral Soup Kitchen [617]442-1431 Details
St. Paul's Episcopal/Bread 617-324-9544 Details
St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry   Details
St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry   Details
Temporary Home for Women and Children 617-727-9002 Details
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The Cambridge Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Services [617]665-1560 Details
The Cambridge/Somerville Social Club 617-576-6570 Details
The Dental Clinic of the Cambridge Hospital [617]665-3990 Details
The Mustard Seed 508-754-7098 Details
Transition House, Inc. Office: 617-354-2676 Hotline: 617-661-7203 Details
Tri-city Family Shelter 781-324-1303 Details
United Veterans of America (413) 584-4040, Ext. 2288 Details
University Lutheran Emergency Winter Shelter 617-876-3256 Details
Victory Programs 617-541-0222 Details
Vinfen Corporation 617 441-1800 Details
Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association 617-423-0648 Details
Waltham Support Committee for Battered Women (718)891-074 Details
West Pantry 617 776-7687 Details
Women's Industrial Union 617-536-5651 Details
Women's Lunch Place 617-267-1722 Details
Worcester People In Peril 508-757-0103 Details
Youth on Fire   Details
Youville House 508-753-3084 Details
YWCA/Daybreak Resources for Women and Children, Inc. 508-755-5371 Details