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This site is running at Shawmut Education. It is designed and developed by the students of Shawmut Education in conjunction with our MASS (Mutually Assured Stakeholder Skill development) Program. If you are a service provider in a state other than Massachusetts please complete our form .

My name is Calvin Grith. I am developing a web page for the Pilgrim Church Shelter. I am looking forward toward learning HTML and providing the sbelter with an online presence. This is great, since I stay at the shelter sometimes.

Dear Guest:

The United Homes Adult Shelter welcomes you as our guest and hopes that your stay here will be as comfortable as possible. The program here is not as structureed as you might be used to, however,for the comfort,safety and well-being of all guests and staff,certain policies and procedures have to be followed,

Our Mission Statement commits us to provide shelter.food,transitional and other supportive services to the homeless in a manner consistent with the principles of dignity,love for the person,and a return to independent living. We will do all we can to live up to this goal and ask for your feedback,should you ever see a way for us to improve.

This Brochure is intended to answer most of your questions and staff is available to help with any others you may have.

We hope you have a pleasant stay.


Philip J. Wright Program Director

Van Schedule to United Homes

5:30 & 6pm Corner of Washington St. and Melina Cass Blvd.

6:45pm Woods Mullen Shelter, located at Boston Medical Center.

7:45 & 8:30pm The Boston Night Center, located Downtown.

Morning Van Schedule Downtown

5:15; 5:45; 6:15 and 6:45am to Boston Medical Center and Corner of Tremont and Boylston Sts. BOTH stops are on the schedule for EACH run.

Van Rides: As a protection to all guests, you will be searched for weapons before boarding the Van. Please boards the Van from the rear forward. If you are not present when your name is called to board the Van, you will be placed at the bottom of the list.

Meals: Dinner is served at the Shelter from 5:45-10:30pm. Breakfast from 5:30 until 6:15am.

Showers: Showers are open from 6pm until 6am. When you are ready to take a shower,please obtain a towel and soap from the Desk This towel must be returned immediately after use.

Wake-up: is at 5:30am. The staff will maintain quiet until that time. While we do have schedules to keep,you should not feel rushed. As noted above. the last Shuttle Downtown is at 6:45 am.

Mail You may use the Shelter for mail pick-up. The address is: 540 Columbia Rd. Dorchester,MA 02125. It may be picked up at the Desk.

Clothing: The case managers have a limited amount of clothing. Please contact one of them should you have a need.

CLINIC:A registered nurse is available Tuesday and Thursday in the Clinic for minor first=aid and screening

A mental Health Counselor is

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