Shawmut Education uses a proprietary methodology called "OSCAP" to implement its programs. By using the OSCAP method we encourage partnerships with other organizations which provide service to the target population. We also are able to design programs by using the input of all the stakeholders such as client organization staff, Shawmut staff , community leaders and prospective students.

Here we see Tom Roulston training students at the Knowledge Center. It was here and Project Place where Shawmut Education and OSCAP were born. Those of you interested in participating in our computer education program Click Here for our Online student application. Please do not forget to include a referral form!!! If you are a student and have not completed your Goals Form please do so online!!! Complete your Individual Education Plan now. If you live in the Commonwealth Glenville properties please complete the Commonwealth Glenville form.

The curriculum is focused around the Microsoft Office Suite of programs. Due to the rapid success of our MASS (Mutually Assured Stakeholder Skills development) Program we also provide training in HTML. Students who desire also receive training in Adobe products. A great example of the partnerships developed in our OSCAP methodology and MASS Program is our Service Provider page

Shawmut Education hopes to collaborate Statewide with the leadership of Adult Basic Education


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