The Shawmut Education Show is a weekly cable television show. Shawmut Education is a non profit organization which provides computer training and job placement to homeless and at risk individuals. Some of our students choose to study our video track as well and learnsuch skills as digital editing. Feel free to use our media glossary.

The show concentrates on the areas of community economic development, housing and homelessness. To see the schedule of shows
click here! If you are interested in being a part of the video production team click here! If you are homeless, work with the homeless population, or formerly homeless and have a story to tell click here! We are particularly interested in individuals who have experienced homelessness and triumphed. If you know of anyone, please contact us.




After years of social involvement and struggle in the NYC public school system of the "60's", Lloyd Smith came to work on research at Harvard University for a post-graduate certificate. In the years since then he has become involved in the struggle :

For low cost housing
Against the over development of Cambridge, Massachusetts
Against runaway increases caused by dramatic changes in market rents and
For tenant protections

In this effort he has become a TV Producer at CCTV and in his own production company. He is the host of his own TV talk show, seen on CCTV channel 9 every Sunday evening from 7:30PM to 8:00PM. The show deals with human justice and survival. It emphasizes low cost housing and tenant protections. It is entitled "Living In America". The addition of Mr. Smith as the Shawmut Education Television and documentary producer is a perfect illustration of our organization's effort to bring a living cultural competency to all Shawmut Education programs of Computer Training, Job Placement and Video Production.

John McGah administers the CSPTech Project(Connection, Service, Partnership through Technology). His latest venture is a documentary film entitled "Give Us Your Poor - Homelessness and the United States"

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