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Shawmut Education provides online solutions and training for organizations. Whenever possible these solutions include a learning component for our target population. Its all a part of our capacity building methodology "OSCAP" and is accomplished through the identification, administration and/or management of a Content Management System (CMS).

A great example of the way our solutions provide broader community benefit (capacity building) can be seen in our development of glossaries. Here is our glossary of content management terminology as well as our basic computer literacy glossary that is integrated in our curriculum and is compiled by our student population allowing themselves and others to improve their skillset and provide confidence building.

Beyond the obvious benefit to our target student population these solutions provide client organizations with sophisticated online collaborative tools that enable an organization to have accesss to necessaary information anywhere, anytime. To do this our first focus is to listen to the client. Based on such discussions our next goal is the alignment of a client organizations content to the business case. To accomplish this task we embark on a thorough vetting of the existing content of the organization and do a comparative analysis for the relevant service industry. During this time we review such areas as brand strength/weakness, organizational culture, business process, and online strategies that overcome barriers to the client organizations success.

Shawmut Education's Community Capacity Building Solutions maximize effectiveness across the individual, organization and broader community spectrums. Our global vision allows us unrestricted geographic capability in our content management services that provide integrated, flexible, and affordable solutions and we currently maintain clients in Africa and Jamaica. There are 100's of CMS and our goal is to find the proper fit for our client. CMS modules include but are not limited to the following:

Community Capacity Building Solutions
CMS Module Sampling
  • Members: Contact Relationship Management (CRM), Contact Management
  • Pages: Workflow, Archive System, Content Management, Document Management, WYSIWYG Source and DITA browser based editor
  • Forms: Online data collection with seamless org integrations
  • Forums: Web-based threaded discussion gropus serving as a repository of important information gleaned from the discussion
  • Talks: Online presentations available anywhere, anytime
  • Blogs: Electronic diaries that can be used for reporting requirements
  • Shop: E-Commerce that allows donor, product and service sales capability, Donation Management
  • Events: Institutional memory with robust interactive capability, Event Management

Flexibility - Our cross platform solutions are designed for maximum usability. We offer both Windows and Linux server side toolsets so if your prefeered flavor is ASP or PHP we possess the experience to provide your organization with a smorgasborg of effective solutions that integrate culturaly and technically with your mission and vision.

Pricing/Affordability - Our business model allows generally for lower price points than those from typical consultants and software/webware companies. This pricing advantage is further expanded when one implements the capacity building component of our model due to the enhanced capability of individuals who represent our mutual clientele. Our global consulting services and vision allows us to help you identify strategic business objectives, design solutions to meet those objectives, and rapidly deliver successful and cost-effective solutions. We help you maximize the capabilities of our technologies to meet your business needs, in order to deliver service more efficiently and experience increased return on your software/webware investment

CMS and Ancillary Capacity Building Technology Services


Shawmut Education offers software solutions and services for the full spectrum of nonprofit, and government sectors. The flexibility of of Shawmut Education to provide a variety of CMS choices allows clients to choose the modules and functionality most appropriate for them. In addition to the homeless service provider industry Shawmut Education has a focus on the following markets due to their impact on the homeless and disenfranchised.

Shawmut Education is a member of Content Management Professionals, the leading community of practice in content management. This provides us with the knowledge base to be able to address enterprise, legacy and small non profit solutions.

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